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We all know that Mondays are known to be kinda the worst, BUT they don’t have to be! We’ve found that Mondays can actually be pretty great (and go by a little faster!) when we’re feeling productive.📈

If you have a lot to do this week but don’t feel very motivated to get things done, we feel you! And we have some productivity tips to help you start your week off strong.💪

  1. Take time to organize and de-clutter your workspace to ensure you are starting the day off with a physical clean slate and clearer head! 🖥

  2. Prioritize your tasks in order of importance so you can get everything done that you need to while knowing what is okay to save for later. 📒

  3. Take breaks! A few periodic breaks throughout the day to stretch or get a drink of water will help clear your head so you can return to your work refreshed💡

  4. Fuel your body with healthy foods and lots of water to avoid that mid-day slump and stay energized throughout your workday! 🥑

  5. Get better sleep to allow your body and mind to recharge. Proper sleep will help boost cognitive performance and, ultimately, improve your productivity at work! 💤

Let’s make it a great, productive week!

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