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ATTENTION ⚠️ Instagram is rolling out new features, and we’re here to give you a quick rundown of the latest updates so you can stay in the know! Instagram’s algorithm always emphasizes new features, so make sure you’re always finding ways to leverage the latest and greatest the platform has to offer.

1. Full Screen Feed
Instagram is currently testing a full screen version of your feed on some accounts. There will be some glitches for those who have it, but the goal is to work on fixing those to create a better and more engaging experience so they can roll it out to all accounts.
2. Shift to Video
Photos will continue to be supported on Instagram however, they are shifting to videos. Instagram will continue to support photos because it is part of their heritage and people still love them. However, more and more of Instagram will become video overtime because that is what people are posting, liking and consuming. So Instagram will lean into that shift, while continuing to support photos long term.
3. All Videos Are Turning to Reels
Instagram has also announced that all videos will become reels. This doesn’t change what you’ve already posted to your page. This will just allow you, moving forward, to have access to the reels tools should you want them, but no harm if you don’t.
– You will also have the option to create reels using templates (at the bottom of the reels page, tap templates), which will give you ideas for inspiration and allow you to easily make a real that is yours with that template structure.
– There will also be a number of improvements to remixes. There will be the ability to make a reels remix from a photo as well as, new formats, picture and picture, green screen, top and bottom photos instead of just side by side. There will also be the ability to add a video to the end of a video or append it. Lastly, there will be a dual camera option to use both of your cameras at the same time.
4. Recommended posts are coming to your feed
Lastly, Instagram is adding recommendations to your feed from accounts you don’t follow, so you can discover new and interesting things that you might not know exist. If there is a recommendation you are not interested in, you can X out of the recommendation, or even snooze all recommendations for up to a month (or go to your “following” feed where they won’t appear). However, Instagram is going to try to get better at recommendations because it is one of the most effective and important ways to help creators reach more people. This will particularly help small creators reach a new audience and get more followers to grow their accounts. This is huge news for small creators!