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If you’ve advertised in the past year or two, then you are aware that advertising changes about as frequently as they make fast and furious films. However, we are here to expose some of those challenges of advertising in 2022 and help provide solutions. So let’s dive right in:
Challenge #1: Privacy + Targeting Changes
Last year, the world of advertising changed as Apple unveiled new privacy updates, allowing users to choose not to share their data and info with the apps they use. For us advertisers, that stunk. There were some workarounds on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, however we are still finding data slipping through the cracks, which results in a higher CPR and lower results that are showing on the reporting side of your analytics.
This year we also saw companies like Facebook limiting their demographic targeting options. If you’ve noticed these changes, your ads may have been affected by these changes as well, limiting your options of targeting.
SolutionLean in to your engaged audiences. The reality of advertising and privacy changes in this day and age, is that there will be users who slip through the cracks due to privacy settings and iOS privacy updates. However, through utilizing engaged targeting and building out lookalike audiences from those engaged lists, you will still be able to go after the audience that is most likely to convert. Building an ad funnel may get more difficult over time, but hope is not lost!
Challenge #2: Price of Advertising is Increasing
Let’s admit it, advertising is “all the rage” (the kids still say that?)
Unfortunately, what this means is more ad traffic, and more competition. Over the past few years, we’ve seen ad costs spike due to overcrowded web advertising and realized right off the bat we had to do something about it.
Solution: The solution for this challenge is two-fold:
  • Similar to the solution for challenge number 1, who you target could not be more important, and testing for that audience is pivotal. Test multiple audiences against each other to see which audience your ads resonate the most with, this will help drive down your overall Cost-Per-Result and help drive up your Click-Through-Rate or engagement.
  • What you use to target could not be more important. The same way you test audiences against each other, test multiple creatives. This allows you to not only see which audience your ad resonates the most with, but which ad resonates with that audience! (See what we did there?)
Challenge #3: Advertising Changes. Fast and Furiously
The world of advertising is ever-changing. The moment you build out the new strategy, companies seem to shift things up!
Solution (shameless plug): Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and keep up to date with our Blog! These are places where we desire to build community around the ever-changing world of marketing, and regularly update and educate our followers on the (often times frustrating) changes of advertising. If it is too much to keep up with, we also offer digital ad consulting and would love to hop on a meeting with you to work through any of your campaigns and questions.
Happy Advertising!
-The Wander Creative Team