Faith in the Fast Lane

The world of motorsports is known for its adrenaline-pumping action, intense competition, and dedicated athletes who push their limits on the track. But behind the wheel, there’s often a deeper story to be told. One such driver who embodies this spirit is Sting Ray Robb, a rising star in the world of IndyCar racing. Sting Ray is not only known for his exceptional driving skills but also for his strong faith and his commitment to spreading the gospel. Ahead of the Music City Grand Prix, we were given the opportunity to partner with him to create a unique pre-race worship experience “Faith in the Fast Lane” that shared a message of hope, unity, and inspiration.


Brand Development

Digital Advertising

Content Creation

Content Creation

One of the biggest roles the Wander Creative team played on this project was working closely with Sting Ray to create content that reflected his faith and racing journey. We were able to create flyers for the event, branding elements, social graphics, videos, & written content that resonated with both his values and his audience.

Community Engagement

This event was about bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who shared Sting Ray’s faith and passion for racing. Attendees were treated to photo opportunities, racing memorabilia displays, and refreshments. To top it off, there was even a chance to win coveted Music City Grand Prix ticket! Nashville-based artist, Nathan Sheridan, kicked off the night with a powerful worship set. We then got to hear from Sting Ray Robb himself as he shared his personal testimony, offering insights into how his faith has been an integral part of his racing career.

Race Day

Following our Faith in the Fast Lane event, Sting Ray Robb headed into the Music City Grand Prix! We were able to create content throughout the race day grabbing BTS photos, action shots on the track, post-race interviews, and more!