RICHLIN: Hidden (Official Lyric Video)

Texture and layers to visualize lyrics and sound

Creating a compelling lyric video can be tricky. You want the video to keep moving and pacing forward, but you also don’t want it to be so fast-pace that people get distracted away from the lyrics. 

Recently the Wander Creative team was tasked with creating a lyric video for a song called “Hidden” by the artist RICHLIN. RICHLIN’s label Gotee Records already had some iPhone footage of RICHLIN’s guitarist playing the song on an acoustic on an old abandoned railroad track and wanted us to take the footage, beat it up, give it some intrigue, and put lyrics overtop of it. 


Video Editing (Lyric Video Creation)


We thought it would be fun to pull up the project file for the Hidden lyric video and show you our process in creating this piece of content! Watch it the video now to find out how we made RICHLIN’s Hidden (Official Lyric Video)