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Instagram Reels are updating constantly & there’s always a new feature in the works. But don’t worry, these 5 steps will tell you everything you need to know on how to utilize IG Reels in all their glory (Plus some extra tips that aren’t being talked about enough)! We hope this guide will help you get the inside scoop on some secret features that will level up your Reels game once and for all.

1. Keep it short and simple
Aim to keep your Reels between 5-7 seconds. Instagram pays attention to watch time and when your audience finishes watching your Reel, IG is more likely to suggest it to people (you can find this in your insights as well!!!)
2. Add value to your caption

When you add education to the caption it increases the likelihood of your Reel getting saved by someone. A great caption will also keep your audience on your video for longer while they read, increasing their watch time. Remember to use keywords to help Instagram understand & suggest your content to more people. 

Feature Spotlight: “Add Yours” 

The Add Yours Feature is like a chain letter. You can scroll through the different text boxes and see how many people have used it already, And then if you use it, you will now be connected to everyone else who has already used it. This is a great way to find more people in your niche and connect with them!

3. Use trending audio

Using trending audio helps your Reel get onto the Explore page and suggested to more people in the Reels feed. You can find a list of trending audios by starting with a popular sound, clicking on “trending” next to the sound name, and a list of trending audios for the day will appear for you to search through. 

Pro Tip: It will make even more of a difference if you use the trending audio that has been used less than 10 thousand times. If it’s been used over 50 thousand times, move on and look for the next trending audio!

4. TRIPLE your hooks

Use an intriguing hook in the first line of your caption, on your Reel cover, AND on-screen at the beginning of the Reel. It’s key to catch your audience’s attention right from the start and give them a reason to keep watching/reading!

5. Be consistent & pay attention to your analytics

Which of your reels/the Reels of other accounts in your niche are consistently doing the best? What is working, how are they presenting the information, what content is repeatedly getting the highest views? Success leaves clues! Learn from these and remember that the more you post, the more analytics you have to learn from! 

Pro tip: !!! Before you Publish !!! OK, now you have this beautifully edited reel ready to post on Instagram. Once you hit next, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can finish up the last details. First, edit your reel cover! It’s best to edit this to a related picture rather than just a random spot in the reel, whatever will look best on your profile and draw people to click!

Now we know this is a lot of information, but it’s all needed to become an IG Reels pro! As Instagram is improving Reels & the algorithm is forever changing, these tips will start the foundation of a great up-hill climb in creating more engaging content!